Wednesday, March 21, 2012

wanna see our cool tricks?

The other day I took a video of baby singing to herself. I had it pulled up on our computer screen and the boys played it over and over, giddily giggling. They are sweetly smitten.

We like home-videos around here. Playing back our silly moments makes us feel fabulously famous.

Is there anyone in the wide world who didn't once dream of the basking in the lime light for some stupendous success?

Do your kids put on a production for every visitor in your house like mine do?

I'll tell you an embarrassing secret. I still show off my cool tricks to everyone I can, like I never left my 6th year of life. I guess it's not a secret if you've ever been over and seen me do my amazing floor spins.

What's that? You want to see us do a cool trick? No, no, we couldn't. Oh, well, if you insist.

The whole point of this post was to share that rad video of me jumping over a stick, so now I have nothing else to say.


Amy Snell said...

You guys are so darn fun!! You've got me wishin' we were neighbors :) My small people would love to play with your small people :):)

Kathy said...


You will treasure those videos in years to come! We laugh and laugh over videos my kids took when they were all little (and crazy!)

An extra special feature of this one is that you are right in there with them - they are going to love the evidence of what a cool mom you were when they are all grown up!

leigh said...

You gots some mad skills there!