Monday, March 26, 2012

today i love...

today i love...

iggy's song that goes, "wack-uh-doo, wack-uh-doo, wack-uh-doo in a santa suit."

i love when fitz puts his hands around his eyes like binoculars and yells loudly to the person next to him, "i see you!"

i love baby moe's growing body and the way she stops nursing every 2.5 seconds as not to miss a moment of the-brother-show. it's her favorite.

today i love sparky's constant eves-dropping. i love when he comes out of the woodwork to ask, "wait, who said what?"

i love that i can't tell if their freckles or their vocabularies are multiplying fastest.

there are so many hard things about today. it's a no-end-in-sight sort-of day.

but i love that when my husband comes home in the middle of the night he'll wake me up for a sleepy kiss. he'll ask how the day went and i'll tell him that it was hard. he'll say his day was long but then we'll start talking about the sweet, silly things our babies are doing lately. and we'll fall asleep in total agreement that we're the luckiest.

today i love that i have him.

and that we have them.


Bridget said...

You're doing okay, Megan - hang in there!

kelly said...

get out of town with that baby girl's cuteness!