Sunday, March 4, 2012

welcome to the world. baby mobile idea.

Congratulations dear family of ours.

Welcome young prince. It's so nice to have you here.

My brother and his wife, along with their darling daughter, were blessed with their baby boy over the weekend. What a beautiful family they are. I wanted to take a picture at the hospital but I couldn't bring myself to interrupt the heavenly calm of their sweet moment.

We fashioned a gift for our baby boy cousin from an old chinese lantern (painted like a globe) and some collected treasure. I loved hearing what the boys wanted to share with him about the world they're coming to know. We also wrote him a letter. I'll share a couple pearls of wisdom, paraphrasing from memory...

"The world is a happy place. There are ziplines here. And mommies and daddies and kids. There are cars here that are cool because you can drive in them but you need to be careful. They can be dangerous and if you get a really fast race-car you might need to wear a helmet." -Sparky

"The greatest joy of this world is the chance you'll have to discover love. You came to the perfect family for that. They're experts." -Me

"You should suck your thumb, I think. Just because. And when you are big you should wear stomping boots. And you should drive to great-grandpa's house and eat 20 candies." -Iggy

"I hope all blessings find you. I love you. Invest in your future. Don't buy gold, it's a bubble" -Duke

"Birth means mandatory enrollment in the school of hard knocks. Sometimes you are the last to get out of your carseat and it doesn't even work to yell, "OUT!" You'll learn about gravity first-hand. But the food is good. And there are cats everywhere to pet. And cousins to play with. You'll like it here." -Fitz (with help from mom)

"I'm new at this, too. Let's learn together." -Baby Moe

Oh joy. What a happy day! Welcome to the world, cousin dear. We love you already.

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