Friday, April 27, 2012

a letter from baby.

okay, mom. i know you're very, very busy. i know that the brothers keep you running all day long.
mom, i know it's all you can do to keep yourself from becoming a greasy, frumpy mess. and getting the brothers dressed in anything more than pjs is quite a chore. (they can run away from you.)
alright, mom, i'll admit that i do sleep a lot and i know you don't want to disturb me in moments of your personal convenience. plus i guess i can be pretty demanding about getting in my 9+ daily meals.
BUT IS IT TOO MUCH TO ASK that i get a decent bath every couple of days? i'm not talking the diapering slash scrubbing-away-my-neck-cheese with a baby wipe. i mean a real bath with water.
could you pencil me in, please? and don't forget behind my ears. 

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team cowan said...

I get ya. I remember when I had just one baby and I was talking on the phone with my sister who had just had her 5th. She told me that she thought the baby had probably been in the same sleeper for five days. I was SHOCKED. "Don't you bathe her at least every other day??? What about spit up??" She probably just rolled her eyes. Now I have my third and I'm starting to get it. I make sure he gets a bath on Saturdays so that he smells nice at church. Anything in addition to that (and it's usually scrubbing him quickly in the tub with his two older brothers) is a treat. ;)
That face she's making is to die for.