Tuesday, April 24, 2012

my surprise.

enchanting flowers.

my favorite color.

and a surprise day-spa trip.

my face below is just as i opened my eyes after driving to the destination of "our surprise date." the look is 20% surprise and 80% terror. day spas are scary to someone who's never been to one. i was thinking, "will i have to be naked?" the answer is yes. but covered. and not too weird or anything.

a mud wrap, hour-long massage, and pedicure. the whole time i was thinking, "i have the best husband ever." well, most of the time i was thinking that. sometimes i was thinking about the people who groom other humans and what strange jobs they have. but how like Christ they get to be. serving and loving, even tenderly washing feet.

it was a heavenly treat after the end of a long tax season.

and now my toes look like candy.

1 comment:

joolee said...

just the color i picked for my toes too! we (and our husbands!) are DEFinitely on the same wavelength. :) hooray for heavenly spas and pedicures when they are sorely, sorely needed. you deserved it!