Wednesday, April 18, 2012

today i love...

today i love my job.

i love the way drivers' faces light up when my children wave to say "thanks for stopping your car to let us cross." i love the triumph i feel when i accomplish the simplest tasks, made less-simple by all the little bodies swarming me. i love how proud they are when i let them help with anything.

i love being a mother to my children.

i love sharing my mother-heart with children who aren't my own.

and today i love this video.


prettybaby said...

wonderful post xx

Teresa said...

Moms are amazing, and you're one of the best that I know, Megan.

Richard and McKenna said...

After seeing that video I also felt so much gratitude for my job, for the ability to influence little people who then grow up into big people and change the world. Beautiful picture by the way :)