Monday, May 21, 2012

following the leader.

Our oldest is very well behaved for me. That, along with many other factors, has got me thinking that I might like to home-school him for kindergarten. I like to learn with him and he's receptive to my instruction. I've been wanting to keep him home just a little longer. And, until this last weekend I didn't think the home's dynamics would be very different if he was away at school- I mean to say, he's no trouble at all so having him in school would, I thought, be more of a hassle than a relief.

Dad took him on an overnight camp, which I believe is the first time that he's been separated from his brothers for longer than an appointment or short play-date. Not only did he relish the time, but the boys at home were different. The atmosphere was different. Like Iggy and Fitz could stretch out a bit to occupy the space. They listened more attentively and obeyed when they would normally be "the rebels."

Sparky and dad were in heaven together. And I was able to fit all the kids onto my bike (with a child-seat and trailer). I've not done that in so very long. We rode in the evening to a friend's and in the morning to get doughnuts.

Like I mentioned before, the family dynamic was totally different. The younger boys slid calmly into the restaurant seats when they'd normally run circles around the tables until I herded them. They washed the table after we were done eating- they would have halfheartedly held a napkin and relied on Sparky to do the work.

When he returned it was business as usual.

Follow the leader gets boring after a while if there's no turn-taking. The followers get restless.
I know he'd love kindergarten.

And maybe Iggy is ready for his turn.


Laura said...

such a cute family.

joolee said...

cute, cute kiddos. oh yes, life has been much different since big sis went to kindergarten. little brother stepped up and became the "big brother" that he is too. every child is different and every school, for that matter. but i'm just sayin''s been awfully nice...:) (and now i'm slightly dreading summer when i'll have all 3 home again ALL. DAY. i need a game plan so the constant bickering doesn't return. )

Bridget said...

Love the insight!

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your deep-thinking approach to parenting.

Laura said...

I'm glad you decided not to homeschool, but for selfish reasons. If you kept him at home, I would feel inadequate when I sent my oldest off to kindergarten next fall instead of homeschooling him as well. This post helps me feel better about that decision.
And although I could technically send my three year old off to preschool next year, I want to give him the chance to step up into his big-brother role, as well as cultivate a stronger relationship between him and the baby.
Oh, how I wish they'd stop growing and stay little forever, and yet, I can't wait till they can all go on the potty, wipe their own noses, and feed themselves when they're hungry.
Motherhood is such a dichotomy.