Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Itchy Fitz.

Five things we adore about our Fitz...

1. He pretends to be a sweet, gentle puppy 40% of each day. And for the other 60% of the time, when he's not pretending anything, he's a sweet and gentle man-cub.

2. Fitz comes up with the best names for stuffed animals. The emergency room staff gave him a giraffe and he promptly named him "Draffney."

3. He answers all "would you rather" questions very deliberately, and only after careful consideration.

4. If he is eating imaginary food, he will offer us bites. And if we offer him a bite of imaginary food, he'll usually eat it, but only if he likes the taste.

5. He's delightful company in a hospital waiting room. This swollen, itchy two-year-old handled the mid-night trial on par with most adults. Maybe even better than sleepy mom and dad. (A big thanks to family for taking care of business at home so we could both be with him.)

So no more penicillin products for our red-headed joy.

But all is so very well.


Linzi said...

Oh poor little man! I'm also allergic to penicillin. I love that he will only eat imaginary food if he likes the taste. He's my kind of kid :)

joolee said...

poor kid! when something crazy like that happens, you can't help but be grateful for each and every moment with that child. glad he's ok!

Scott and Stacia said...

wow that was quite the rash!! Hope it left quickly!! Hope that is the only allergy you find!