Monday, May 21, 2012

Should I Share My Ice-cream?

I can't decide. I really can't decide.

One evening this week we ate a fancy (fancy in that we all used forks and the meal wasn't from a box), in-home dinner together as a family, just Duke and me and our babies. Basking in the pure, blissful brilliance of that time we decided that this should be the "regular" not the "rare." Why couldn't we be home every night, just us? This precious time is the sweetest, most lovely ice-cream.

I have a dear friend who has long been gloriously happy as a homebody. She is kind and always glad to see friends, but she's taught herself to say "no" to certain requests as to protect the rejuvenating home time she so loves. When we met I was looking to escape my more-than-ample home time so I simply could not understand why she didn't come to girl's nights. Now I understand.

A while back this friend of mine was called to be our Relief Society President (head of the women's organization of the LDS church in our area). I watch her bravely sacrifice much of her time for the benefit others, knowing that she'd rather be home. She shares her figurative ice-cream (and literal cookies).

Looking to have our cake and eat it too, Duke and I stew over our calendar. This week is filling up fast with worthy obligations.

"Should I share my ice-cream?" Life's great conundrum.

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