Wednesday, June 13, 2012

after today.

no, you don't have to get off of the trampoline and put your backpack on. sure, you can kick your shoes off. heck yes, girls, we get to play all day long. it's summer!

yes, darling sister, you can come spend the night. no, you don't need to worry about your procrastinated science project. sure, let's do something adventurous on a whim.

no, cute girl, you don't need to wake up at five for seminary. yeah, let's do throw a party in the middle of the day. aren't you a little sad that you won't need to say the phrase "i wish i could but i have to go do my homework" again (until you're talking to cute boys at college)?
hooray to my five best-girls. here's to school's glorious end!

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