Tuesday, June 19, 2012

our married life.

first thing, you need to know we're on vacation visiting my husband's family and that we're sleeping in the living room.

secondly, a warning. the following story is a little TMI for some folks, so feel free to duck out any time.

"kids, go to sleep." i say, "your father and i need to go to walmart to get... stuff."

as they doze (with grandma sleeping in the other room) we sneak out to the car. we don't make it to walmart. duke unbuckles all of the kids' car-seats, throws them in the far-back, and we sit on the crumb-speckled bench-seat together. there's gigging and kissing and much-needed "married time."

sometimes staying in love is inconvenient. sometimes it takes moving car-seats and getting covered in goldfish crackers. sometimes it takes becoming accidentally locked in the backseat because of child-safety doors.

growing old together is proving to be a great adventure. i can't help feeling that i'm devouring cake while keeping it, too. 

we sat in the car and read our scriptures together by overhead light, relishing our time together, and feeling so very happy. we feel like our church and the pure and practical doctrine we have found there have brought us to life's oasis. we are so far from having it all together, but still we're trying, and the blessings are coming.

we have a rich marriage and we know it is because of our having followed Heavenly Father's patterns for happiness, as revealed through His church.

the other day i read a very interesting article about mormonism written by a college professor of another faith that you might enjoy. he makes mention of a statistic indicating that mormon women are more likely to be satisfied in their marriages. here's the link.

now, back to the air-mattress in the living room with a kid sleeping between us. which is pretty fantastic, too.


Trevor and Amy said...

Love this post, your bathing suit, and the fact that you look so fantastic after 4 babies! Seriously, what is your secret!?

Staci said...

i love this post too...well i love all your post really. You two are the cutest couple. Every back seat of a car moment is a good moment.

Heather said...

Ha ha, we have a 7 week old and are already learning that having husband and wife time isn't as easy as it used to be, but it's so necessary. Love your bathing suit and hair!!

joolee said...

yes, you guys ARE cute. i love how you keep the flame alive. :) and did i miss something?? you went dark!! i love it!

Scott and Stacia said...

Love the hair!! So cute! Very fun family pictures to cherish!

Family Travellers said...

Thanks for the link to that article by the professor at Idaho State. It was a very interesting read and I appreciated his insights.