Monday, June 4, 2012


earlier today i wanted to take a nap so badly. i took a shower and cleaned house instead.
right now i want to surf my favorite blogs so badly. but i'm choosing to make a family dinner.

parenthood, in a nutshell.


Whitney Lane said...

I adore this picture!

teamcowan said...

pretty much.

joolee said...

yes, that's it exactly. and totally exhausting. (but what a darling face to make everything better...)

Laura said...

So true.
Then I think, what if I had nothing to do but sleep (or didn't get to because of some other more annoying reason like having to go to work at a job I hated) and in my free time surfed the internet as much as I pleased, seeing other people's blogs with their adorable kids while I had none... How depressing that would be.
Priorities are all about perspective I guess. If you have perspective, priorities fall into place and one can be content, even when life doesn't give us what we want at the moment.