Wednesday, June 13, 2012

sunday night.

i'm going to reflect on this reoccurring scenario with a sense of humor. or i'll cry.

we begin each Sunday like any other morning, with a relatively tidy home. in my quest to make the Sabbath a day of rest, set apart, and different, i decide not to clean. instead i focus on reading the scriptures, getting to church, and spending quality time with family.

i find it very difficult to feel peace in a ransacked house. i also find it impossible to keep the Sabbath when i work in the same occupation and capacity as every other day.
i think i'll try to see the day's end with a smile on my face. one day off for mom, and just look at this place! a rare gift to see our world without a few of my many contributions.

good thing we make it to church. i'm need all the strength of soul i can get to survive life's mondays.


The Greg Nelson Family said...

That is what our house looks like after Sunday too. And it still looks like that and here it is almost Thursday... Oh-well, that means there were more important things than cleaning, right?

Richard and McKenna said...

O man my house looks like a tornado has blown through it every Sunday night too. And I don't function well in mess either, so sometimes I am not as good as you, and I clean it up on Sunday...I need to do better at not doing that. Thank you for the inspiration to do better :)

Laura said...

I hear ya. I like to think that I'm keeping with the spirit of the sabbath when we eat frozen pizza for Sunday dinner, but really it's just because I can't face cooking in a messy kitchen.

Teresa said...

One reason I adore Monday so much is because I can get the house back in order. I totally get this.