Friday, July 6, 2012

the hood.

vacationing was splendid.

but i missed home.

i missed walking to the wednesday market for berries and kettle corn.
i missed the three, darling girls i babysit.
i grew tired of everyone's same, suitcase-packed outfits.
thankfully, when we returned all of our favorite alleyway dogs were all right where we left them (though the puppies had grown some).
the neighbors were still friendly.
and our kitchen was still blue.

i'm glad for the times we leave home for a while, so that we can be so happy that life is very ordinary.


Heather Strasser said...

I love your stroller, where did you get it?

Megan Marie said...

we found it online through craigslist. :)

RoxanasiEliza said...

amazing life, amazing family, you found your mission here on Earth: sharing the pure beauty and inspiring everyone! love you!

Scott and Stacia said...

I love that real names are here :) I have been in wonder of little "moe's" name since she was born. I love your blog. I relate to you, I admire you, our kids are close in age ...well the first 2 anyway :) Megan you are wonderful! Thanks for the posts!