Wednesday, July 11, 2012

today i love...

today i love my momness.

when did  i stop wanting to become marcia brady and begin to want to be the mom?

let me tell you, it has been the most liberating transformation!

i love embracing my un-cool side. i love running around saying horribly cheesy "mom" things. i love that a successful day for our family is accomplished through my behind-the-scene acts of kindness.

in the morning i've taken to handing each kid a bag of water balloons and telling them that's all they get for the day. (so funny to watch them hoard them, then finally break down and pop them all). i love that i've become a champion balloon filler.

i feel so fantastically skilled.

i have this strange urge to slip on some jeans with a 9-inch zipper and casual-front pleats.


Mrs. Blimes said...

lololol ah the mom jeans. the best!

Sarah Ann said...

:) I love mommyhood. So worth it.