Wednesday, August 29, 2012

a very long summary.

sometimes i sit down to write a blog post and the only thing that comes out is a bunch of nonsense. basically i end up taking a really long time to say something that should have not even been said because it's so common knowledge.

like, a minute ago i sat down and wrote many ridiculous words and the sum them was less than the value of the parts. two giant paragraphs when all i really meant to say was, "my experiences are shaping me." no duh, megan.

sometimes making my words fit with the pictures is simply too much of a stretch. my body has a life (recorded in pictures) and my mind has a life (shared through writing), but they don't always correlate in very clear ways.

here. lists. that sounds organized.

things i've been thinking about:
1. we are not supposed to be perfect parents because our kids need crap to overcome.
2. what's with all of the dyes and additives in our food?
3. there are several gallons of paint in the garage and i don't have any desire to utilize them as previously planned.
4. i hope my siblings marry kind hearted people (so far so good).
5. my husband and kids are super cool.

things i've been doing:
1. watching three extra kids again
2. camping in washington with family
3. cooking on a limited budget and with many dietary constraints
4. visiting with in-town friends.
5. staying up too late watching downton abby with my husband.

basically, i just did it again.

i could have summed this all up with the common-mom-knowledge sentiment "my body is so tired but my brain won't stop."


Laura said...

My husband and I totally got hooked on Downton Abby last month --it was not good for our sleep schedules, and we still have the second season to look forward to! Hopefully we can be more prudent this time around, but knowing us, probably not.
I'm jealous of your camping. We've been too busy moving.
I still like to hear your words, even if it's "common knowledge."

Robert said...

We used to camp across the bay from there at Flagler. I love that area, and I've always wanted to play paintball in those fortresses. I'll bet your kids would love paintballing . . . .