Monday, August 6, 2012

feed my spirit.

a huge part of my cultural programming revolves around gifting baked goods.

need to say sorry? bake a cake!
want to get to know someone? doorbell ditch some brownies, duh.
worried about a friend? their favorite cookies are the answer.

this approach is flawed for a couple of reasons...

1. lack of time or ingredients holds me back from expressing love.
2. our bodies need less feeding and our spirits need more.

basically, more often than not, i use this process as one, giant cop-out.

worried about rejection? everyone likes sweets!
can't get the words out? pretend a time crunch and pop these treats by.

don't get me wrong, i love getting and giving sweets. countless times we've had friends bring yummy treats by and we've always felt so loved. it's just that for me, on the giving end, too often they become a crutch.

i don't think that i'm ready to drop my culture completely. what would it be like to just swing by someone's house and say "i miss you" or "i'm losing sleep thinking about you" without hiding behind a plate of goodies?

so since i'm not that brave yet, uplifting message cookies have been my latest favorite. one step closer to feeding spirits. plus the ingredients are easy to come by!


Teresa said...

I love both. Notes and goodies. Either one, to me, says that someone cared about me enough to take the time to bring me something. Love your cookie idea!

Megan Marie said...

good point, Teresa! any way we can show someone we care is fabulous!

Bridget said...

I love this idea! I sometimes hesitate to make goodies for the elderly or people who are suffering from physical maladies, or those who have mysterious diets, because the goodies (even bread!) might just have to be tossed by them. This is the perfect solution!

Roxana said...

Love your posts, love your thoughts, love your blessing home!