Sunday, August 26, 2012

half way.

we decided to have a Book of Mormon marathon. we decided to read the whole thing (500+ pages of small print) out load together as sisters (plus Tamsin's adorable friend).
we decided to be very organized. we decided that we would bring a wonderful spirit to our home. we decided that it would be totally possible with my four, young kids running around.
we decided it would take us three solid days. but we forgot to factor in our family's great tenancy toward distraction.

half way is not so bad. we did have some lovely moments while reading of Christ.

the other half will just give us an excuse to spend every waking moment together next week, too.

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Teresa said...

I love your sister posts. They make me think of my sister. She is so special to me. She lives far away, so we don't see each other often. (But when we do it's a blast!) I'm so happy that you and your sisters are taking advantage of the time that you do have together now. There's nothing like a sister!