Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mormon stuff.

i thought that a shot of moe screaming into a box fan would be an appropriate way to begin.

this recount of the last two weeks should have some sort of poem, i think... so i'll make one up...

the fridge was somehow
full but today it's bare
bathroom floor's now
tiled with used underwear

mom has a man-voice
that's raw from speaking
lecturing about choice
smiling to keep from freaking

...and that's the best i've got.

i know it's been a hectic couple of weeks when i've only taken a handful of photographs. for an adequate expression of my brain-happenings look to the following three pictures...
kindergarten camp (parent),  road show(choreographer and dancer),  music camp (teacher), helping people move, visiting with out-of-town family. along with the regular family home evening, visiting teaching, scripture study, prayer, and tending three extra kids.

i think i'm going to add a link on the side of my blog to a glossary of terms that are commonly used among mormons. because, basically, i live at the church.

when i think about my many commitments i really do feel like i'm rocketing down a steep hill on a block of ice. asking myself, "what did i just get myself into?" and "why am i dong this again?" then i just let go of my fear and enjoy the ride. looking back up the hill i'm usually pretty glad i did the darn thing, whatever it was.

i lost my purse and someone found it at church. a got it right back and i made a friend. a little piece of zion.

looking into my closet this morning i could only find my scout-shirt. sometimes i laugh at how mormon i am.
my kids will grow up in the halls of a church building. they'll be experts at folding and putting away metal chairs and sweeping gym floors. they'll benefit from the constant effort of a tremendous lay ministry. and they'll have the opportunity to become part of it as they are asked to help and serve. i love that.

the music camp leaders are church members age 12-18 who willingly gave a week of their summer without expecting any compensation. when things get nuts i am inspired by that sort of example. i know my children are the direct benefactors of their sacrifice.

sometimes i worry that i don't spend enough time teaching my kids. then i see them doing things that they obviously picked up from watching duke and me. i'm not so worried.

i'm so happy to be a part of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, especially during this important time raising my children.

i would love to write more about my testimony. i would love to send you a letter (in the mail, because that's more fun). anyone. email me if you have questions, or if you are just looking for a little spiritual uplift and i will write to you.


much love,
megan marie


dee reagan said...

Megan I love your blog and you inspire me every time I see you and even when I don't see you I just think about you and am inspired enjoy every miute with your children they are all great kids.

Teresa said...

I agree with everything Dee said. 100%! (Hi, Dee!) Miss you ladies....

Holly Bierly Young said...

This post made me really happy. Not a Mormon but a "die-hard" third generation Nazarene. Growing up, we practically lived at the church. It is funny how each denomination comes with it's own "culture." Yes- sometimes I have to laugh at how "Nazarene" I am. Can't believe how OLD Fitz looks in the picture of him crawling on the ground! :)

bunny said...

I love this, your apprection for the small things which often go unrecognized,you attitude toward life inspires me. Meghan Im glad I met you, I enjoy your blogs :)