Tuesday, September 18, 2012

today i love...

today i love ossi's every gesture.

i love that since we've been working on his diet he is becoming more capable in his role as a family member. he is calmer and more reasonable and he is still very much his wonderful self.

i love his little schemes. i love that he says things like, "here's the deal, guys..." and "i know just what we all should do..." and "i'll tell you what, mom..."

i love watching his hands flop around like squirmy fish when he speaks. i love that he is so excitable and entertaining.

in the past i've wondered if i was the right person for the task of being his mother. today i love that i can more fully witness the blessing he is to our family and to my life. i'm so privileged to be his mom.


Anonymous said...

I love him, too. I love that you see with your heart, and that you share your thoughts with great words and pics. I love you, and your family.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how to sign in, so my comments are "anonymous."
HA HA- Mom

Anonymous said...

what are some of the diet changes.... I have a Spirited little one that sometimes needs some reigning in and we've talked about cutting out some things to see if that makes any difference in her "excitedness" :) but not too much because we sure do love her for it.