Monday, October 1, 2012

did i mention?

did i mention that i did a sprint triathlon?

did i mention how glad i am when i find a grocery cart with working seat-belts?

did i mention that my kids are houdinies? there is no belt they can't slip.

did i mention that i miss Liam every day that he's in school?

did i mention that we are giant fans of hoedowns and country fairs and anything that incorporates costumes and home-made sweets?

did i mention that my husband won a ribbon for best craft?

and another ribbon for eating a whole pie the fastest. poor guy. he was so ill later.

did i mention i love our new record player?

and that i love home-made graham crackers?

and that turning the kitchen into a salad bar is the greatest?

did i mention that evy took two steps yesterday?

did i mention that my kids are ridiculously good looking?

and did i mention that Heavenly Father answers prayers? i was praying about something incredibly specific and i went to a church broadcast looking for answers. the keynote speaker had written his address just for me.

i may not have as much time as i'd like to stop and breath. but i tell you what, i'm happy.


Tanya said...

I felt the same way about that talk. I felt as if the end of it was designed especially for me and my mother (who was there with me).

I hope this isn't too creepy, but I've read your blog for some time and never commented before. (I read a lot of blogs without ever commenting.) I don't recall anymore how I came across your blog, but I love what you have to say. So thank you for all that you share (the good and the difficult). You are beautiful and you have a lovely family. I've been inspired as I've read your blog.

Laura said...

mmm.. i love homemade graham crackers too! (try them with homemade marshmallows!)