Friday, October 26, 2012

i love you like cereal.

our third son.

he has skin like snow and can't so much as think a sad thought without turning splotchy-pink.

when his bigger brother approached him with scissors and asked him if he'd like to be bald he sighed, "sure." he likes to make others happy. later he told me that he didn't actually want to be bald.

finn has so many talents and gifts. he is a unifying force in our family. he wishes we could all be together, all of the time. he is the happiest at a fully-occupied dinner table or in an all-inclusive dog pile. he becomes very sad when anyone leaves home.

our third son lives to eat sweets. every prayer he says includes a "please bless we get a cotton-candy machine." he has always been our candy feind. he also loves cereal.

one night i was tucking him into bed he grabbed me around the neck and whispered, "mom, i love you like... cereallll."

he would do anything for any one of us.

the other day he was jumping on the trampoline and he almost nocked out a few teeth on his brother's head (brother remarkably unharmed). i snuck him some secret ice-cream and he asked if he could share. i said no.

i am so glad i am his mother. he teaches me about sacrifice and compassion. he reminds me to think of others before myself. and he loves me like cereal.


Tanya said...

He reminds me of Beth from Little Women.". What a sweetheart.

Unknown said...

I miss all the kids so much!

Unknown said...

I miss all the kids so much!