Saturday, October 6, 2012

today, so far.

oh, my heart.

a lovelier day there never was.

we are watching a broadcast today and tomorrow that is filling our home with peace and our hearts with hope.

we are pressing pause on our life, as best as we can, to stop and listen to the inspiring words.

a friend of mine extended an explanation and invitation, and i wish to echo:

This weekend is General Conference.
For those not down with the Mormon lingo, it's when our church leaders give talks that help uplift, motivate and just plain feed the soul every April and October. General Conference is not just for us Mormons its for the whooooole world, in fact, its broadcasted in 93 different languages to 197 different countries. The things taught are to strengthen the spirit, or heal our hearts and help us become better, and stronger children of God. So feel free to join in on the fun

we're trying to be still.

still enough to hear our Father's will for us.

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Laura said...

The treat bowls are a great idea.