Monday, November 12, 2012

today i love...

today i love the long drive to get somewhere...

i love digging through a stack of old CDs and pulling out some old gold. this last time it was weezer blue. haha, i just remembered one trip a few years back on which we badly yearned for that exact album but hadn't brought it along. matthew and i sang every song, in the order on the album, from start to finish. we spent a great deal of time laughing about the misinterpretation of lyrics we'd each been singing for years.

back to today. today i love the way he holds my hand in the car. i love that we can speak to one another in our clasp. our secret language.

i love the way the vehicle creates a toasty traveling bubble, sheltering us from the fall chill.

there is no place in our house that this crazy family could sit so still for so long and be so content.

sometimes i think that things would be lovelier if we didn't have to worry about cars- if we all walked and rode bikes. and sometimes i think that things would be lovelier if we could afford to fly around the world in an airplane instead of taking road-trips.

then i take into account all the fantastic adventures that started with packing a car trunk full of junk, and i know i would miss driving desperately.

i was too scared to get my license when i was a teenager. my parents (thanks, mom and dad) drove me everywhere until i was well out of high school. it actually took me several years of marriage until i was confident behind the wheel. i like driving, but i LOVE being the front-seat passenger next to my darling.

we spent about 5 minutes on the actual beach last saturday. it was freezing cold and we were horrifically unprepared. we found shelter in little shops and we happily (thanks, mom and dad) sat down to break bread and slurp chowder.

also, today i love my extended family...

i love my aunties and uncles and cousins and, well, really everybody i can claim as my own.

heaven might just be a giant bus filled with friends and relations, bumping along down the highway.

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