Monday, December 10, 2012

my girl.

i remember when i thought i wouldn't have a daughter.

after those three boys in a row we thought we were done. and i fully faced that i wouldn't have a little missy. i can't even express my gratitude for the urging we felt to have another child.

i thought all three of my boys were going to be girls until the ultrasounds. then we chose not to find out with our fourth and i thought that it was going to be a boy. wrong every time.

eveleen is super sassy. she doesn't take any guff from anyone, especially finn. she climbs everything in sight and is afraid to climb back down so she'll stand on a chair whining all day until somebody gives in and pulls her off. then she'll climb right back up and hollar some more.

she has a special bond with ossi. every time i try to wipe her nose she throws a huge fit but she'll sit perfectly still and let ossi pick her boogers out one-by-one. he frees her from her crib the second she makes a tiny peep. so sometimes we're waken up around dawn by a tiny baby being tossed onto our bed.

she loves to be chased and tickled. she loves picking out her own clothes and usually she picks spiderman pajamas. she loves trying on shoes. she doesn't even really mind having her hair done.

the girl is a book-ripping fiend. it's her personal goal to tear a page out of every set of scriptures in the house.

we think she might be left-handed.

she only eats with a spoon or fork in hand (though she doesn't always use it) and if you give her a full bowl or plate, she won't dump it out or throw it or anything! it's a little eery.

when she was only about 7 months old, right when she started crawling, i was asking the boys to help me clean up their toys and they were ignoring me. she crawled right over and started putting the toys in the bin. i almost died of shock. ever since then if i ask her for help, she helps, like for reals. the other day she found a rag on the floor and immediately started scrubbing. some times when she acts like that i wonder what life would have been like in a house of girls. then i remember that i'm a girl and that i don't think i was like that. it's just her. she's thoughtful.

i remember when i thought i wouldn't have a daughter.

it never felt so good to be wrong.

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