Wednesday, January 30, 2013

365 days of change.

I can't believe I've kept this tradition up for four years now.

While I was working on these "Out of the Darkness" by Michelle McLaughlin came on and I started crying.

2010.      2011.       2012.


prettybaby said...

hey megan! how do you do these? i got some made for me off of etsy which i love but i would love to do these myself too. xx

Megan Marie said...

hello! i set up a flash to fire behind my children onto a white background when i take a picture, which makes it easier to edit them in photoshop. then I basically delete everything from the picture that is not my kids. then i fill that area with white. then i "select the inverse" area and fill that with black.

it really just took sitting down with photoshop and trying a few things. i bet there are some good tutorials out there, though!

thanks for being my bloggy friend. i love reading your poems and i look forward to your happy comments!

prettybaby said...

"bloggy friend" - love! thank you! - you are inspiring xx