Monday, January 7, 2013

a sibling date.

my brother Brenny took us sisters out to eat in the Reed Opera House.

i love my brother.

emily, my baby sister, was in heaven. being the youngest with a large gap and grown siblings is hard. i know she loved having us all to herself, no nephews and nieces to compete with.

i love my baby sister.

i was so happy there with them. just missed joey, our other brother.

i love my other brother.

siblings really are a priceless blessing. they understand and share so much. we are plants with interconnected roots.

i resolve to spend more time with them.

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Laura said...

I love that analogy of being plants with interconnected roots. I love getting together with my siblings, not because we have so much in common now, we don't really, but because I love reminiscing. Getting glimpses of my past from different perspectives, learning new parts to old stories, and being reminded of things long forgotten. Things that made me who I am.
I love family. Yours seems so great.