Monday, January 28, 2013

paperwork and paracord.

this week we moved our mattress into the kid room. we've been living like we're on vacation. watching movies together late into the night and letting the laundry pile up.

i've absolutely loved it. every morning i awake with a feeling like we're all camping at the beach together.

i don't want to move the mattress back. i did finally do some laundry, though. sending my son to school wearing shorts in january is a sure sign that i'd better get to work.  believe me, that's not the only sign. everywhere i turn i see scary monsters.

while going through our file cabinet matthew found a lovely note i'd written him a few years ago and he sent it back to me with his love. i adore it so much. how humble is that?

i seriously framed it. want to read what it says?

My Matthew,

I find myself in a sea of paperwork today. Bills and applications. Official documents. The business of adulthood.

I am imagining a plane ride, many years ago in anticipation of a holiday for two. we were babies then, so Disneyland was an appropriate destination. We really had no cares or worries.

Now we have babies of our own and a mountain of responsibilities to climb each morning.

There is no one else I would want to do this with... And as tedious as life feels right now, I choose it completely, because I understand what we are building together.

As I ponder the eventual security that will come from living our plan, I am excited! I know there will be other plane rides, and I know that even before we reach our security, we'll have San Francisco weekends and Portland nights- little treats along that way.

I guess what it comes down to it this.

Having you makes growing up worth the trouble.

Being with you gives my life purpose.

Life is hard, but loving you is easy.

Yours for always,
Megan Marie

PS I want you.

it's true, we've had so many treats along the way.

we are more secure now than then, but in a lot of ways i feel as if i could have written that letter yesterday.

matthew is sitting in the corner of the room making "deadly weapons" out of paracord, and i am just over here in front of the computer in mushy love with him.

so happy.

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