Wednesday, February 27, 2013

checked up.

i haven't picked my camera up in days.

that's not a good sign.

i can feel myself slipping into an uninspired-spiral.

so i forced myself to charge the battery.

and ordered myself to take it with me to the dentist.

i'm glad i brought it because it bought us some wait-time in entertainment value.

now i have a bunch of shots of strangers in the lobby (who i thought were bothered by us but were surprisingly smiling in the pictures.) i also have lots of photos of myself pacing around and filling out paperwork. mostly butt shots.

yesterday the kids and i started browsing through old home videos and i started to feel very down on myself for not being as cool as i used to be.

i think i have a problem with comparing the worst of myself to the best of my-pior-self.

but i'm just going to stop being dumb and start being awesome, one drop at a time.

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Breanne said...

I have been thinking about this post a bunch. I don't think that we are any less awesome than we used to be, it's just that we have more responsibility, so there is less time to be "awesome". Or at least we feel like there is less time. Maybe we can still can be everything good that we used to be combined with everything amazing that we have learned along the way! Somehow...with four children instead of three, or two, or one.