Monday, February 18, 2013

family date.

buying a new bed.  chugging cherry cream soda. teaser shopping at a toy store.

the mattress store was all but deserted. lovely. the kids tried every bed and naturally picked the most expensive one in the store as their favorite. we opted for "reasonable."

it took a long time before Evy would let us put her down on a bed. she thought we were going to make her take a nap.

a stranger saw me taking pictures of the boys. she stopped me and said, "is that one yours?" pointing to Ossi. she went on to tell me that he'd been looking at things a couple of isles down and he'd accidentally tipped a bunch of stuff off of a shelf. she'd been so fascinated at his behavior that she'd paused her shopping to watch him painstakingly restore every toy to its proper place, wiggling them into position with great care, standing back to look over the scene before making minor adjustments and then skipping off. i was one proud mama.

my husband and i have too much fun together. i love that our senses of humor have basically become one. we laugh at the same moments and over the same things. we both thought the grown men battling with beyblades was pretty hilarious. and the non-stick frying pans found amidst the play-things have had us going for a couple of days. we might have expected this from a store that carried a wide variety of stock but we were in a specialty store filled with only toys. last night we were putting away dishes and matt handed me a frying pan to put in the kids' room, which totally cracked us up all over again.

tired kids. melt down. back to car.

happy family.


orhedricks said...

Frying pans are in because of the tangled movie! New fighting toys...frying pans who knew :)

Love your blog

Megan Marie said...

haha! that must be it!

Meg said...

Love the family date night idea.