Monday, February 18, 2013

love, unfeigned.

look at sweet Ossi, biting his nails. he was so excited to give Tiffany his card.

Liam gave Tarah the card and hid behind me. he kept quietly asking, "did she read the back yet?" it said, "will you be my valentine?" he got so embarrassed that he retreated back to where i'd left the stroller.

just as we were about to leave the awkward scene Tiffany said, "what about loves?"

you can bet that Liam was back on the porch in a flash.

the day i had to stop babysitting these girls was one of the roughest days i've ever experienced. i fell so in love with them and it broke my heart to say goodbye. their mom and i were not on the best terms so there was a period of time when the girls wouldn't even talk to me when i saw them at their school. i'd catch them looking at me and they would immediately look away.

i tried a few different things to let them know that i still loved them. one day i painted a heart on my palm and held my hand up to them. i couldn't bear the thought that they might think i'd abandoned them.

it's taken over three months to overcome the bad feelings. their mom and i made amends, though i've never (to this point) felt right offering to watch the girls for her again. i am so happy i get to hug them. i don't think i've ever loved children who aren't my own flesh and blood the way i love these little women.

it was always a sacrifice to care for them, but i will forever be grateful for the gifts i received. for love unfeigned.

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