Wednesday, February 27, 2013

play me a song to set me free.

i've got cabin fever.

i've got it, too.

so we're off! we're out of here! not even kidding we are driving across two states in the next four days and it's going to be an ADVENTURE!!!

hey, did i tell you my epiphany about the reason my depression hit me so hard this last go-around?

hey, have i written about some of my ideas for truly helpful things to circulate on pintrest?

hey, did i mention that my sister is getting married?

well, you're going to have to wait until i get back, because i need to pack, ya'll. i'm looking forward to reentering this outlet with pictures of something besides... well, of something. how many photos does one need of "cabin fever?"

1 comment:

prettybaby said...

oh i would love to take a road trip right now. lucky.