Tuesday, February 5, 2013

the week we got kind-of buff.

i miss frantically learning dance moves.

i miss knowing exactly what we're going to do every night after the kids go to bed and never feeling guilty for wasting our time being lazy.

we should just try to learn more killer routines to preform for our family and friends. lucky them!

enjoy the memory- in all its choppy, cropped-to-close splendor.


Rae said...

"We're a mess but so in love" is maybe my favorite tag ever.

Nice work!

Miriam said...

Goooood. I just watched some of Monica Bill Barnes Company dance moves the other day and whaaat??! So good. Some of your lifestyle/facial expressions reminded me of her. Keep dancing the nights away together!

Tess said...

I die from adorableness! You two!

Anonymous said...

awesome, awesome, awesome! I loved it! is this for a church program, or some kind of a talent show?

Megan Marie said...

this was for a kick-off event to get a bunch of teenagers excited about a dance festival they'll be participating in this june. it is a church-sponsored event.

we get the honor of teaching hundreds of lovely teens a routine for the closing number (different from the one in this video). we've already begun the practices! so fun!

thanks for your kind words!!!

Teresa said...

Looks like you're having a blast. So fun!