Wednesday, February 20, 2013

wake up, lady spring.

just when i think we're about to kick this horrible cough it gets worse. is there anything so bleak as an illness that keeps the world in winter?

on the bright side, we have been able to snuggle and watch Narnia movies. oh, isn't Aslan wonderful?

mattew called in sick yesterday to stay and take care of me. just now i called him and he said he was planning on coming home in a few minutes for he's caught the ghastly bug. so there's that special treat. we can snuggle and sniffle together.

our new mattress is being delivered today. super pillow top. if we curl up and die, at least we'll do it comfortably.


joolee said...

i must agree about the pillow top. it's a wonderful thing. hope you all feel better! and lovely, lovely pictures, btw. our flowers are popping up and i can't help but feel hopeful and happy when i see that...

Anonymous said...

Three things:
1. I want that dress.
2. This has inspired me to want to do my own flower photo.
3. We're just getting over being sick again, too. Ella, Ro, and I have all had the stomach flu. Yuck!

oh, and 4:
I'm glad I'm not the only one who has their husband stay home to take care of them.

Love you,

prettybaby said...

i love these pics! xx