Thursday, February 7, 2013

you've done been blogged, tiny photos.

(Ossi calls this his "air ball.")

(what is it with kids and dumping out bins? they must just like to watch the stuff fall out.)

(nudity is Finn's favorite conversation-starter. when there's nothing to say, moon somebody.)

can i just say this? that I LOVE PEOPLE. especially the people we associate with on a regular basis. I think that over the past few months we've found so much fruit (or people ringing our doorbell, holding fruit) on our doorstep. it's not always fruit, but lots of times it's fruit. people hear about Ossi's special dietary constraints and so lovingly go out of their way to bring by treats we can enjoy.

while i was calling around to talk to different therapists, hoping to find someone of our faith for Ossi to go see, i was amazed by the positive responses and sincere concern the voices over the phone conveyed, from everyone, our faith or otherwise. one man who knew for certain that our insurance would not work called me anyway and spent nearly 40 minutes speaking rapidly to fit as many ideas in as he could. he gave me a glorious game plan for peacefully parenting when things get very, very hard. 40 minutes of unbillable time. I LOVE PEOPLE.

if you've reached out to us in kindness during these challenging times can i just say, I LOVE YOU. thank you, thank you, thank you. a million thanks.

(go to this link to LOVE PEOPLE even more.)

and now i'll end. with a beautiful mess. isn't life pretty?

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teamBoo said...

Megan I haven't read blogs in a looong time. But today, with kids back in school, I sat down and found myself on yours. It must have been inspired because I am so buoyed by your courage with Ossi. And all your serious hard work! I have been consumed lately with my inability (laziness?) in helping my Elyott with her struggles with ADHD. I feel constantly like I losing time to be the mother I should be for her (shes 10...ah!!). You explain your feelings so mind blowingly sincere and relatable that I get caught up in wishing I could articulate my feelings like you. But alas the task at hand is loving my kid the way Heavenly Father would have me do. Your mind is so open and honest. Your blog is such an undiscovered treasure (and I know blog status is NOT why you write) Thank you for sharing your daily joys and struggles. Your efforts here have been a serious gift to me today.

p.s. you turn me into such a freaking sap! I use humor as a defense I'm sure, but here all I want to do is self reflect. I know you are also fun, and silly (and many other things) but your specific layer of genuine humility and thoughtfulness is much more rare on my day to day radar :)