Wednesday, March 27, 2013

finn's vote.

this little boy really flies under the radar.

i think he might grow up to be a secret agent.

or a cat.
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yesterday we were in the doctor's office waiting. (those rooms are so tiny and boring.) confined to close quarters, conflict eventually broke out between liam and ossi. no matter how hard i tried to reason with them they were getting more and more hot-tempered and i knew a melt-down was coming.

i had no idea what to do.

finn, on the other hand, had a master plan. he had been quietly watching the scene unfold from his hiding spot behind the exam table. in the chaos he sneakily crept over to the light switch.

suddenly it was pitch black. and the giggling started.  
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if liam votes for calm and ossi votes for excitement then finn is the one who choses the best way to tip the scale. his vote is usually for the good of the family unit.
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he really does have a great talent and gift for thinking of and planning for the happiness of others.

i know he's my son for a reason. and i'm his mom.

what a blessed mom i am.
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Anonymous said...

what a doll.
He gets more handsome every day.
Thinking about you,