Sunday, March 24, 2013

girl hair.

every blessed tuesday morning i get to volunteer in liam's class.

oh. my. goodness.

last week i was doing some busy work and kind-of watching the kids out of the corner of my eye. they were asked to go sit on the carpet for story time. liam sat by a little girl with very long, very beautiful hair. i did a double take when i noticed him running his hands down the back of her head and through to the tips.
 photo _DSC2214_zps34f149c0.jpg
i watched intently as he twirled it in his fingers. the girl turned to look at him once, which prompted him to rapidly place his hands in his lap. as soon as she turned away he resumed the twirling. he spent the next fifteen minutes gingerly playing with her hair.

there was one moment of panic when he got his fingers stuck and he was trying not to hurt her while he pulled them out, but other than that i could tell he was loving it.
 photo _DSC2219_zpsc440ec79.jpg
a couple of days later we had this great conversation.

me: so, have you ever played with a girl's hair before?
him (indignant): noOOOOoo.
me: never?
him: NO.
me: how does a girl's hair feel?
him: soft-HEY-I-MEAN-ER I don't know!

and i just laughed at him.
 photo _DSC2212_zps7b889816.jpg
i love this kid so much.

i can't believe he's almost finished with kindergarten. it's nuts.

this year he's lost his first tooth, learned how to read, made so many friends, learned to speak a great deal of spanish, saved his allowance up to buy a new toy, and been a really good big-brother.
 photo _DSC2215_zpsa3bf6b79.jpg
oh, i'm so thankful for him.

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Staci said...

what a dream boat of a lil man!