Wednesday, March 20, 2013

my center is fun.

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the kids have been watching "Rise of the Guardians" non-stop this week.

as i watch the character jack forst search for his center i'm reminded of my own quest for my gift and true motivation. my spark. i think i am like jack frost. though i said it out-loud... "my center is fun, too!" and my kids all looked up at me like, "you're kidding, right?"

i'm almost positive that the beach is the perfect place for me to let my center shine. i want to go to there.

it's funny how the high-stress level of our home makes me want to do ridiculous, routine-breaking, fund-guzzling things when in truth, we'd do better just to slow down. we'd benefit most from bringing a tiny bit of fun into ordinary life.

actually, last night i felt pretty darn alive.

my sister and i seriously went running barefoot in the rain. it took like 20 minutes of our evening and it completely revitalized us both. we acted on a little impulse while suppressing the more costly urges.
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before our run we went to a girl's night at the church. i love girl's night at the church. ladies age 18-81 attend. we sit together and tell stories and eat potluck meals. one lady introduced us all to that 1000 awesome things blog that probably everyone already knew about besides me.

it was awesome.


okay, so i feel like going to the beach today. but instead i'm going to mary popins the upstairs playroom.

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Kacie said...

This is lovely. I'm so happy to have stumbled across your blog!