Tuesday, March 12, 2013

the goods.

before our short trip we totally stocked up on all of our favorites...

so tell me how we ended up eating peanut butter with a toothbrush on the way home...?

oh yeah, we neglected to re-stock and we were traveling on a Sunday.

it may seem strange to worry about something as little as shopping on Sundays, but it's a really special part of our faith. we try very hard to "keep the Sabbath day holy" as we say it.

what wonderful memories we made. we took a vote of who wanted to just go pick something up at the store, no big deal, and which of us wanted to try to work with what we had and keep the Sabbath. it was amazing to see the kids vote to be courageous and eat goat-cheese and pears and granola bars all day instead of warm, delicious burgers.

i love this funny family.


Anonymous said...

I thought the sabbath was on Saturday? No?

Megan Marie said...

i think there are many people who celebrate the sabbath on saturday. i am not sure about the reasons for the difference. but we celebrate on sunday. :)