Tuesday, March 12, 2013

the people of our lives.

i've been going through old boxes of photos that belong to my grandpa and i keep running across the same faces. i can't place them in the family. i love flipping the photos to find their names scribbled, "rich and charlene," over and over. i know they must have been treasured friends.

our kids probably won't be sifting through papers in a box, but clicking through files in a hard-drive when they see these faces. "robert and laura."

"jemayla and byron." our treasured friends. i imagine they'll see pictures of this young lady, their daughter marin, along side eveleen on camping trips and visits.

they'll see stetson (far left) pop into photos from time to time, i hope. he's a young fellow who served his mission in our area and we've just plain adopted him into our family.

and isn't it grand that they'll have a new uncle in april? he'll be all over our albums.

"uncle patrick," says one. "uncle elder," says another. "no, uncle duff," the other child claims.

"uncle elder patrick duff," they all agree.

cheers to the people of our lives!

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