Wednesday, March 6, 2013

we're back.

our little get-away was marvelous. i should write about it.

real life has returned with vengeance.

now we're all consumed in wedding plans and dance-festival practices. housework slave-driving and fighting-boy refereeing.

sleep deprived.

this morning i needed some help getting up so i picked up my scriptures and read a little by the light of my phone.

"And inasmuch as they are faithful, behold I will bless, and multiply blessings upon them." (Doc. & Cov. 104:31)

so i got up today. this picture comes to mind.

i may have to make and hang that poster.... but.... ain't no body got time for that.


Richard and McKenna said...

What a wonderful scripture and quote! I may have to make myself a poster with that quote soon too ;)

Natalie said...

You needed help getting out of bed, so you read your scriptures? What planet are you from? On planet earth, scriptures make us sleep.