Monday, March 18, 2013

when bra shopping turned into an adventure.

it's not unusual for girls in our culture to get married quite young.

i think it's because from childhood we all (though there are exceptions) dream of being married to an extremely honorable man and making a bunch of babies. that's our "happy."

the other night i was journaling about my life's ambition and i realized that i have never really wanted anything so badly as i want to be a partner with my husband in raising our children to walk uprightly before the Lord. that's always been my major dream, and it's really a goal that i share with many, many women, lots of whom were raised in the Mormon church. did i use "whom" right?

anyway, my sister is young. barely nineteen. and getting married in a month.

i've never seen her so happy.
 photo _DSC1900_zps417be44a.jpg
tip: if your older sister takes pictures of EVERYTHING, don't even let her into dressing rooms with you.

tamsin wore the most childlike outfit to go underwear shopping for her wedding. i was a little embarrassed for her, to tell you the truth. she already looks so young and this star-wars t-shirt pinned her at about 15.
 photo _DSC1910_zps3c0c33b7.jpg
the adventure really started when tamsin decided to change her clothes in the car and all too late realized that there was a schoolbus above her.
 photo _DSC1918_zps63879095.jpg photo _DSC1926_zps026f85b8.jpg photo _DSC1934_zps9a5cee9b.jpg
by the way, stubbs girls are story tellers.
 photo _DSC1927_zps889dc9f5.jpg
this is a good one.
 photo _DSC1929_zps2dfba781.jpg photo _DSC1937_zpsc22b70f8.jpg
i'm sure we all have our running gags that circulate around favorite youtube clips or videos. we have lots.
 photo _DSC1938_zpsc5032f31.jpg
for half of this adventure we talked like marcel the shell with shoes on.
 photo _DSC1923_zps2964dfb6.jpg photo _DSC1940_zps9f9be26c.jpg
portland at dusk is stunning.
 photo _DSC1948_zps874f5f5c.jpg
tamsin in portland at dusk is also stunning.
 photo _DSC1955_zps0eb7cac2.jpg photo _DSC1958_zps1a6a94b5.jpg
okay, i won't give you a play by play of every little funny/scary/ridiculous thing that happened on our adventure but i will tell you that we left the best bookstore in the world (after i found the book i'd been asked to read by ossi's therapist), and cluelessly walked down burnside street. that's the dodgy part. my baby sister emily was getting quite an education.
 photo _DSC1960_zps393f758e.jpg photo _DSC1961_zpsf066a1bb.jpg photo _DSC1965_zpsdb898cc7.jpg
by the time we got in to the well-lit, safe part of downtown, and our pace started to slow, a very large, black man wearing traditional african print began to approach us on the sidewalk. he must have noticed that emily was looking at him with very big eyes because he reached his hands out and started to act like a boogie man as he passed, walking very close to her. all of us were laughing so hard. well, three of us were laughing so hard. emily started bawling. my mom is so cool. she used that opportunity to teach emily about the comforting power of prayer. 
 photo _DSC1973_zps476fe15b.jpg
so they huddled together and said a little prayer while tamsin and i hid around the corner and tried not to pee our pants.
 photo _DSC1974_zpsae1eee00.jpg
emily will never hear the end of it. that's one thing about having siblings.
 photo _DSC1980_zpsfdf180eb.jpg
some of the best things about portland are

a. the sweet, little shops with quirky, throwback style and

b. the street performers
the following video does not tell the whole story. shortly after this clip stops, that lady dancing with us decided that she wanted to take tamsin home with her. tamsin narrowly avoided being carried off down the street. then the group of young men seen in the former video returned to dance around cute tamsin. i couldn't tell what they were saying but i saw her shaking her head "no." apparently they were lobbying for her to shake her booty (though they said it a little differently).
and that. is how bra shopping turned into an adventure.
 photo _DSC1985_zps49bb95c2.jpg photo _DSC1990_zpsb2991e41.jpg
the end. just kidding, we had ice-cream, too.
 photo _DSC1991_zps965a80d3.jpg


prettybaby said...

what a day! you guys are adorable. i have two sisters & am really close to my mom so i really relate to posts like these. esp. the video of your sis telling that story, love her inflections, i wanted to keep listening! xx

Cindy Lou said...

you guys crack me up. next time I want to go on an adventure with you.

Staci said...

i want me and my two sisters to spend a day in portland with you and your two sisters!

April said...

those are some serious dance moves, I love it!