Tuesday, April 9, 2013

a long path.

it's either the best moment of my life to this point...or the worst.

i'm a total rockstar or a complete mess.

i just want to scoop ossi up in my arms and kiss him like crazy or scoop him up and squeeze him too tightly until he quits fighting.

ossi's been saying, "this is nuts" about everything. i agree.
 photo DSC_1860_zpsf7c3d2cd.jpg
lately i've been drawing out our situations for him. it's almost impossible to get him to chill out and start talking, but if i start drawing, he'll watch.

today he grabbed the pen away.

mostly he drew pictures of me and him and then scribbled me out because he "punched my face" or i was "carried away by a tornato."  basically i am his wile e coyote. but then he also drew things that he wanted like an angry-bird nest he asked me to help him make, or the two of us snuggling on the stairs together, or cup cakes. and every time something bad happened to me he chose to scribble out the things he wanted, too, since i wouldn't be there to bring them to pass. he knows i facilitate.

i was comforted by the end of his story. he drew "a long path" and said we were on it. he said it started to rain and "they ran home to be happy together." then he pushed his chair away from the table and asked politely if he could go play.
 photo DSC_1876_zps309e7b47.jpg
it feels good to finally believe that our story ends well.


Anonymous said...

You CAN do this!

Mrs. Blimes said...

you inspire and give me encouragement.