Tuesday, April 9, 2013


i turned down my covers last night and found the most lovely surprise.

a new camera!

matt has been saving so that he could surprise me for our {seventh} anniversary.
 photo DSC_1533_zps6608460c.jpg
i stinking love him.

we've both taken our resolution to be more romantic into our hearts and i tell you what, it's working!
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romantic might be dressing up {like a total babe} to drop by his work with a favorite treat {limes}.

romantic might be him hiding a love-note post-it on our baby before he hands her off to me at church.
 photo DSC_1528_zpsb186023b.jpg
sometimes it's planned like buying me the camera of my dreams.

sometimes it's spontaneous like rolling over in bed to kiss him in the early hours of the day.
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the best thing we could have done was tell each other openly and respectfully that the fire was cooling so that we could both recommit to fanning the flames.

i'm just so happy we stayed with each other through that low.
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