Sunday, April 14, 2013

the sink volcano.

when you look really cute at church people compliment you.

when you look a little tired at church people ask if you're feeling okay.

when you look really tired at church people tell you that you look tired.

when you look like death at church people start complimenting you again.

i got so many pity compliments today. a close friend said truthfully, "i have never seen you this tired, ever."

i wont post a picture of myself but i will post a picture of my cute, tried husband at the reception. awe.
 photo DSC_3264_zpsf47e0a28.jpg
and imagine me as this tulip.
 photo DSC_3431_zps8fead527.jpg
our house has tiny pockets of craft mess EVERYWHERE.  photo DSC_3453_zps3833dcf1.jpg
we just live on top of the mess.
 photo DSC_3449_zpsa35f2d69.jpg
have any of you ever had floral foam around? kids love it. they cannot resist the stuff. a few weeks ago ossi disappeared for a couple minutes then approached me in the kitchen saying, "i don't know where that green stuff is." he was covered in a thick powder of floral foam.

this afternoon after church he joined the family at the table and asked, "does anyone need to use the bathroom." matt and i paused. it was a curious sort of question for him to be asking. "why?" i asked. "no reason, i was just wondering. dad, you wouldn't happen to need to go potty, would you?"

by this point i was very curious. matt told him he would go in a second. ossi was pleased and very excited. it was eery. matt took a good amount of time and eventually headed to the bathroom

as it turns out ossi had created a "volcano" in the sink by stuffing the drain with floral foam and turning the water on. he imagined it would build up pressure and explode when someone walked in. the experiment did produce an eruption, of sorts. mad dad.
 photo DSC_3455_zps6fbf95d1.jpg
as i was trying to calm matt i kept saying, "it's tuition, honey." all those soaked toilet paper rolls... having a family is expensive.

boys cost a lot of money when they are little.

and girls have weddings when they grow up.

so there you have it.

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Glo said...

I appreciate how much effort that all of the Riley's gave for Tam's wedding. It would not have been so wonderful without your help and generosity. I will forever be in you debt. I love you and Matt so much. Your brood can now return to "normal" knowing that you have touched many lives.
Thanks again.