Tuesday, May 7, 2013

a little brother.

oh, finn.

i wish, i wish.

i know that you are trying to win the approval of your older brothers. i wish i could hurry the process. i know some day they will realize exactly how fantastic you are. but they're little boys and they think like little boys with a younger brother. i promise to help them learn to be kind.
 photo _DSC6142_zpsa9fd5a35.jpg
i wish i could help you appeal to them. i try to teach you how to approach them. but you're a little boy and you think like a little boy with big brothers. i promise to help you learn to be cool. the trick to being cool is to just be yourself and stop trying so hard. but i know you want them to like you so desperately.
 photo _DSC6143_zpsb598dcb6.jpg
i know it is especially hard with an older brother who has problems. i know how you try and try and he still holds your faults against you. he does it to me, too. be patient with him. he may be older but in a lot of ways you're going to be taking care of him.

i wish i could skip ahead and see how this plays out. it might look something like this...

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