Wednesday, May 29, 2013

an ice cream sandwich.

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Sometimes we like to squeeze a little date-night into our family time. Like if we're all watching a movie together, Matt and I snuggle and share a bowl of popcorn, just our bowl. Or if we're all at the park and the kids are happily playing, Matt and I will play together like we would if it were just the two of us.

We spent like 10 hilarious minutes trying to pull ourselves up onto this bar...
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Neither of us could do it. It was so stinkin funny.

When we start laughing too hard the kids want in on the fun. Same goes for the couch snuggling. Parenting with Matt is like this awesome sweet treat inside of another sweet treat. Oh, I love him.
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Brooke said...

This is the first time I have ever commented on someone's blog that I don't know and it's a bit strange for me, and completely out of my character, but I couldn't resist! I laughed right out loud looking at this post, it made me so happy! And it's not the first time you have brightened my day. Thank you for sharing such "real life." The good and bad, the adventures and messes, and for your lovely photos. I can tell you are a good person, and a good mother/wife. It is inspiring.
Thanks for making me giggle :) I really want to go climb on one of those bars now.