Wednesday, May 1, 2013

boys and flowers.

i took the boys {along with a neighborhood friend} to go flower-picking for may-day. there was very little flower-picking. but a whole lot of fence-climbing, seed-throwing, rock-tossing, puddle-splashing, hill-climbing and stealth-crawling through the tall grass.

i get a variety of comments when people notice that i have three boys. sometime they pat me on the back and say, "poor mama" and sometimes they act like it's a badge of honor. they usually "ooo" for baby girl. and they always say something like, "good luck" when we part.

i absolutely love it. it's like living inside "The Sandlot" or "Stand By Me." see...
 photo _DSC5836_zps65bb8023.jpg photo _DSC5839_zps155c4bfa.jpg photo _DSC5809_zps71abbf07.jpg photo _DSC5792_zps877e1a88.jpg photo _DSC5796_zps2a0bd998.jpg photo _DSC5814_zps3f17ff33.jpg
and there's little-mama. the girl of my dreams. she wanted to pick flowers with me.

so i have a bit of "Now and Then" or "Little Women," too.
 photo _DSC5823_zpsd12d1032.jpg photo _DSC5830_zps31dd06a9.jpg
lucky, luck me.
 photo _DSC5885_zpseb454304.jpg

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