Wednesday, May 29, 2013

inspiring friends.

we had dinner with the coolest couple of folks you ever did meet.

they fed us real good.
 photo _DSC7390_zpsa7d5adf6.jpg
amy is one of the most wonderful, inspiring women i've ever met.

even if you don't know her story you just know you want to be in her space so that some of her awesomeness might rub off on you. she's just one of those people.

jared is pretty amazing, too.

amy is also one of the most humble people i know and would probably hate to have people gushing about her. but i can't help it. i just like her so much.

oh, and she makes a mean strawberry ice-cream.


Heather Strasser said...

Thank you for sharing!

Bakersfield Wedding Photography said...

So inspiring,Thank you so much for sharing.