Tuesday, May 7, 2013

pure glee.

bike rides.
 photo _DSC6075_zps4c39f93b.jpg
home-made scones.
 photo _DSC6078_zpsbfcad66c.jpg
breakfast guests.
 photo _DSC6079_zps1bd099df.jpg
strawberry milkshakes.
 photo _DSC6178_zps19ad979e.jpg
new friends for the garden.
 photo _DSC6147_zpsb75bb893.jpg

our breakfast guests the other morning were a handful of the finest young men ever to become missionaries for our church. those boys played the piano and sang for us while they waited for breakfast. our family was in heaven. we get so attached to these missionaries and then they are up-and-transfered to serve in different areas. luckily they are replaced by other outstanding missionaries and our  hearts make room.

you know how a beloved missionary eventually came back to oregon and married my little sister? now it's quite a joke around our household with the missionaries.

we were measuring the boys on our wall {we have a special spot on our wall where we mark the heights of house-guests} and one noticed he was the same height as our now brother-in-law. he then said, "hey, where's my wife?" and when we all laughed he said, "no seriously, where's my wife? i want one."

oh, life is so good.

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